Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Applejacks - Desert Stampede

(Click to ENLARGE, much better in high resolution)

Done originally as what should have lead up to a portfolio piece, but had left it alone for months. Mostly because it was really busy with many dark lines, and equal lighting. It sort of looked a little dull! Played with the color overlay to get an atmospheric vibe with the canyon walls and giving a shade in the front helped out the composition. Really glad I came back to this and finished it!

As far as the story of the Applejack's goes...they eventually leave their RC hometown in a fixed up shaggin wagon. Their poor sense of direction leads them into a misadventure, involving rounding up a herd of cattle (farm in a desert), who in turn, stampede them through desert canyons. Their make shift escape plane begins to fall apart upon take off. Mag (the machine) flings himself to hold the wing together. They redirect the stampede back home through flight!

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