Sunday, June 03, 2007

It's been a long time since I last posted. I've completed my second year at the Character Animation Program here at CalARTs. It was an amazing and equally difficult year just trying to survive the cirriculum while completing my second year film. My objectives for this year were to really improve with my Storytelling and Personality Animation. To be honest, I am not a strong story person even though I really enjoy making stories. The same goes for my acting, outside of my own personality. I felt this year was a good step forward, because now I know I want to become a full, hardcore, traditional animator. The time and milage I put into my film up to this point helped me to start becoming a stronger animator, now I need to just finish the Fire Llama film.

I was never classically trained when I was young. During high school I kinda skipped that phase, because of my cocky attitude then. And now I really need to buckle down on that in order to continue improving my animation. When I was animating this year I had a hard time getting some of my animation across because I lacked the draughtsmenship needed to make my point; I reanimated 90% of my scenes 2-5 times.

I also need to simplify my thoughts, so that what I say can also come across clearly. This summer is dedicated to drawing as much as I can for a few hours a day, while studying anatomy. I would really appreciate any help I can get; I am aware that my drawing ability, composition, and simplifcation skillsets are not up to par. If anyone needs any help, do not be afraid to ask. I'll do the best I can :)

I'll be posting as much as I can, because I really want to improve. I've made two other blogs that house my Animation and Sketchbook. Check them out whenever you get the chance. I remember when I first came to Blogger I was inspired by all the artists I came across. I was fortunate to have come across very talented people that rekindled my spark to draw. I hope to do the same for another person in return for the source of inspiration. Another Blog will be created soon to house the stories I made in Scriptwriting class, hopefully that will spark ideas in another person's mind.

Here are some of the figure drawings and digital paintings I did throughout the year. They're very experimental, but I feel that they are very truthful of what I say.

The drawing above is a bullfight story called Masters. The drawing itself is about 5-6 feet each way and took about twenty minutes to an hour for each character. I remember I really wanted to impress a girl next to me in figure drawing class that day, because it would be the first time I would have met her. It was a really fun day to draw even though I could never connect with that girl.

Below are digital paintings I did for Layout class and thumbnail compositions for myself. I usually had a national geographic and an artist book next to me when I did the thumbnails, hoping to find new color palettes. I use to spend thirty minutes each night painting these before I went home. Eventually, my need to work on my film was greater than working on thumbnails. Once my wacom pen gets shipped home, I can do more of these digitally. For the summer, I think it would be wise to stick to my watercolor pack and paper. Critques or any suggestions are really welcomed.

On a side note, going out and sketching from real life gave me a vitality with my personality. After sketching a long day I feel very passionate and happy. Whenever I would just sketch and paint in the computer labs, both myself and my work feels synthetic. I do enjoy it, but it feels kinda dead from my eyes. Does anyone else have this issue?

Here is a sample color test for my film, Fire "Lov'em and Leaf'em" Llama. I am going to plan out my film for color and seee how it feels. Enjoy :D