Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hello, my name is Jesse Soto.
I'll be entering my second year of art school soon at CalARTs as a character animation major and I would like to use this blog as a form of reflection and a reason for me to continue to sketch and have fun at the same time. A choice I made throughout my last two years stopped me from sketching as freely as I use to do as well as remove the shine of my eyes, in short I lost a lot of my ethusiasm and happiness as a result.

After being exposed to a lot of really talented artists within the boards of many websites and blogs. I became more aware of what happened. So, now is the time to put my best foot foward and go back onto the road of shine! Now it is a time to be as free as I can without any restrictions and this blog as a reflection and map on my course throughout the rest of this trip! Let's begin again!

Also these two sections are from my sketchbook I did around November of 2005, but since then I had been consumed by my first year animated film and made choices to explore other hobbies and eventually lost sketching for a while. I hope to put a lot more on this blog and see where this goes :D Hopefully onto another path...I dunno yet. Time to go sketch, aidos.