Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Story Ideas for the Applejacks

So, needed to play around with potential story ideas for the Applejacks for Story @ Concept Design Academy: (here's what I got)
1) established band on their first road trip tour.
2) fighting giant monsters with music (and elemental creatures) to protect their RV park home.
3) other band gets jealous of Applejack's awesomeness. They might sabotage them or just be a hurdle for every adventure they go on.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Character Exploration + The King's Speech Comp Studies

I'm taking Story Development for Animation @ Concept Design Academy right now. Our assignment this week is to explore our characters a bit further. This is a vingette character exploration of the Applejacks (a band I made up). Mag, the robotic boy of the group has a talent for rebuilding himself as well as building other robots/machines. He does this in the basement of his parent's RV home. The RV community usually requests the strangest coffeemaker combination machines from him.

These studies, taken from The King's Speech, were mostly for the lighting effects on storyboards. Also practicing foreground/middle ground/background elements. There's quiet a bit of depth of field camera work with conversations between characters, and the blurry lines look pretty cool on storyboards.