Thursday, January 27, 2011

Feng Shui - Pagoda with Tree of Life

 (Click to enlarge)

According to the Feng Shui books by Lillian Too, 2011's Rabbit year is suppose to not be so lucky for people with rabbit and rooster signs (I was totally looking forward to a good year too!) all in the name of unlucky stars flying into those year's charts.  Turns out that will some imagination and will power you can turn that luck around! These Pagoda items (usually a solid gold miniature) with a combination of a growing tree, a community of birds, and gems are a good symbol of prosperity to counter the negativity. My Mom follows Feng Shui pretty deeply and our house will go through it's yearly re-arrangement with the addition of this image in various places. 

This took me a while to make through digital cut out/photo-manipulation. Abundance and wholesome-ness was the target theme, and was hoping you feel refreshed or something like that. Everything in here is 100% recycled google images :P! Enjoy!


Lupe said...

Jesse, such a great feng shui symbol prepared by you, you put your efforts and good will and it will bless you and protect you and all who use this symbol in the EAST part of your home, EAST wall of your bedroom. A friendly remimder that we MUST NOT FACE EAST this year to avoid misfortune, loss, etc. Thank you Jesse, great job, please kindly add the WOOD base and is ready to be printed. Luv U. Mom Lupe

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