Thursday, November 11, 2010

(Image Removed)
Hey everyone! I can't really talk about this project because of a signed NDA. I am, however, allowed to promote any artwork I've made for it. This is a sample model sheet of the characters in the graphic novel that I'm making for musician Alia Ella Henderson. The art styling is pretty close to how it may turn out, but I need to experiment a bit more. This is a collaspable model sheet, meaning the bug folks are grouped in layers behind layers with other bug groups, so I can reference them while comic-making. So it's bed bugs, ants, and termite families in the front, main characters in the center, and giant muscle bugs in the back (including Master Hand). Enjoy :P

(Update, I've removed the image at my freelance employer's request)


Julie Ann said...

These are great!

Alonso Ramirez Ramos said...

cooool jesse!
so much work!

Lupe said...

your hard work will payoff. best wishes with this project.